A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

*** This is not a business or commercial website, absolutely nothing is being sold here. ***

I also affirm to the fact that this is the work of John V Panella - any similarity of any of the content to any other work is coincidence, or collective consensus, anything else will be attributed to owner/rights. All work here is by result of decades of personal research, study, and mostly spiritual discernment.  

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​​​​1.  I do not sell my work for profit, so there is no monetary need to promote it.

2.  I do not promote my work, as it was in the early times all promotion is if via, word of mouth.

3.  I do not promote myself! Anything I could say is already contained within the entire body of this work..

4.  I do not do television, radio or any personal, private or public interviews as I am not the person of interest here. My job is to restore the true children back to their Father and Mother. After that it is up to you the individual.

The Father has revealed that these works should not be used for financial gain. As the Author, I do not receive any compensation for these works, I earn nothing at all. There is no back-door sales or advertising for monetary gain, whether through email, direct sales or any other method. All of these copyright(c) works, that I have spent decades writing and sharing, are offered freely because there is no financial value possible that could be placed upon these words. Also, 'no donations' of any kind are or will be accepted.

This work is not meant to be offensive or based on any race, creed or culture definition. As the children of the Father and Mother, we were transmigrated into all races, creeds and cultures. However, we, the true children are not defined by flesh and blood, we are only defined by the spirit projected soul, which makes up who we truly are. In the spirit realm there is no color coding. 

Only the gods who rule this planet concern themselves with racial identity and classes. The truth be it known, it doesn't matter about race or culture, or who you are or where you came from in this fleshly world, we are all simply transmigrated from one body to another, and our connection to this world has no merit upon our true spiritual being. We are the true aliens in this world.

Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove

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You may access all eight books for free reading online. The Author does not charge for the free reading of these books, all of it is gratis. 

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These books are unlike anything you have ever read before, it has been said by readers that the continuous reading of these books have an amazing, positive effect upon the SOUL. These books have the ability to encourage, lift one's spirits, as well as, help one- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Even as the Author of these works, I have witnessed that your spirit is so incredibly moved, revealing that these words have the attributes of being the 'OIL' one needs to keep their lamps filled, as it was reported in the parable of the Ten Virgins; that they can combat the negative influences of the programming of this world and upon your body. It is highly recommended to 'repeatedly' read these works to give one a spiritual support that is desperately needed. Remember once you have been programmed you must be re-programmed. You will be amazed how your spirit is constantly refreshed by simply taking in the, 'Bread of Life' from Christ and the Father/Mother, as needed spiritual nourishment to interact with the Key-coding that is within you. 

Welcome, you’ve been granted an invitation from the true Father and Mother into this domain, "TheDivineSecretGarden.com.”  The Author’s name is John V. Panella, he has released the following information that will unlock the mystical key-code from within.

These eight books will open spiritual doors, create new paradigms, allow greater historical insight into our universe and beyond. And they are all free at this website. These books are not being advertised, or promoted beyond that of word of mouth. The Father and Mother will draw you here when it is recognized that one has become ready. Then and only then may you be granted access.

Have you wondered why life’s questions are not being answered? Has religion and science failed you? Then look no more, it is time that you discover our planet is an alien outpost and we are the prisoners, however, escape is possible. You must relearn everything, and access the forbidden knowledge, known from before the foundations of this world. And then be reunited back with the Father and Mother through the Christ.

Discover how our world has been led by deviant beings who claim to be the true monarchy of this planet, and why the Christ was introduced to this world to offset this evil magistrate and release the true Children of the Father and Mother.

Time is very short, but if you truly desire, the door is open. ENTER before the DOOR slams shut for good during this final cycle, before the Time-Loop!


The Most Comprehensive Spiritual Work Anywhere

The following books were created specifically for the true Children of the Father and Mother. These books are coded with the necessary information that only the true children would be able to understand. Anyone else accessing them will have no ability to decipher the codes. The reason these works are being released now after all of this time, is due to the coming age we are about to enter that will end the program as we know it, and then it begins anew. The Father and Mother and their Son, are calling to their children that have been lost in time, mercifully requesting them to remember who they are and where they originated from.

WARNING: These books must be read in order or else you will fail to understand the Code. They were designed to reveal important clues along the way using the key within. Otherwise, you will fail to grasp the significance of the message.

Four Key-Coded Principles & Policy of this work and Author

The Divine Secret Garden 

The Eight Wonders of the World