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It is wonderful to know that many from all over the planet have been greatly helped by this work over these many years via all the wonderful comments passed along to me. I still remember when  I began to write back in the 70's, without any skill or true ability, and then my first published book came along between the years of 1991-1993, it seems like forever ago. It has been a learning process to formulate my thoughts into words the entire way.  And although lacking in grammar and editing mishaps, because everything I do I have had to teach myself, and yet the message still shines through.

And from that time after writing other books along with hundreds of articles and blogs and so much more, on different groups, e-mags and forums, it has now morphed into a concise message into these '8' books, in what I believe is the Father and Mother's message to the true children. My writing has been so very consistent over the years and that is why I believe so many resonate with it, because I have always been honest and true with what I believe and share with others and often never asking for a penny.

I have now retired from writing after decades and have decided to spend more time with family and friends, and due to health issues I have moved on to another journey in the sunset of my life. Most every question one may ask of this work is answered in these '8' books, by diligently searching and learning, and if it is not then simply ask the Father and Mother through Christ as the gateway, and they will teach you. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and motivations. I do appreciate it.

John V Panella


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