I have been receiving emails about where can my readers send me personal donations. I truly thank-you for your desire, however, I do not accept personal donations. Nevertheless, if this is truly a desire you have, then please read further.

Many today are struggling to get by, many cannot even afford a decent meal. If your desire is strong and you truly want to help me, then please find someone, anyone, maybe even a neighbor, a friend, or someone in a disaster area after a flood, earthquake or storm, someone down on their luck, or even a pet. And help them out. Maybe food, water, or clothing, or anything they may need. What you were intending to give me, simply transform it for them. And when you do; all I ask is for you to say, "This is the fruit of the Divine Secret Garden.

It means a lot that you truly want to help, however, for what time I have left in this world my joy would come knowing that some really needing help were taken unto consideration. The Father and Mother take care of my needs. So to help me, please help them. And then you will have helped me, and together we will have helped one another.

Once again, I truly thank-you for your desire to help, the more I can separate myself from the objectivity of money, the happier I am. Maybe next year when the 'pay it forward' website-help comes up, then you can help there, nevertheless, I do not accept personal donations.


John V Panella

P.S. I truly want my books and all the hard work over the decades that I have put into them to be a "gift" from the Father and Mother; with no strings attached.


         A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within