Are Prophecies True? Learn the secret of the ancients as they describe perilous events in our Future.

I usually do not reveal prophetic insights publicly, so many are not in tune to what it all represents. But today as part of a piece of the puzzle I wanted to address a Prophecy in Revelation and many other similar events in the Bible, where it speaks of one-third of the sun turns black. This is a key piece of the puzzle yet most are unaware of its real meaning...

How could 1/3rd of a sun turn black? First, it is important to understand what the relationship with the sun and earth really is. To grasp these prophecies one must realize that the sun represents a 24 hour period also a 365 1/4 year. Each aspect plays deeply in understanding what these prophecies are revealing.

For a sun to turn black would either mean the star has burned out, or there is an eclipse taking place. If the sun was burning out then this would be the end of all prophetic events, Earth would be annihilated. How would only 1/3rd of the sun burn out? Obviously what we are being revealed is an eclipse is taking place.

It is imperative to grasp that a solar eclipse means an object such as the moon is coming between the earth and the sun, blocking out partially or fully the light. The inference in this prophetic event seems to indicated the Earth will become dark. However, if an object blocks out 1/3rd of the sun, the earth will not become dark, only slightly dim.

We must dig deeper to gain a greater insight. Here is the prophecy: The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

It is important that we understand some of the terms being used. The prior verses is speaking of an object called wormwood. It speaks of it as falling to the earth. I will not speak much about Wormwood other than to say it is a poison dust cloud filled with meteors and it is being carried into the earth by a greater object.

Now entering this verse above it appears this same wormwood strikes the sun, moon and stars. But this is not completely accurate. It is true the dust cloud will carry all around them but not truly striking them. What this is referring to is that something is smiting their power, meaning covering them up. Something produced wormwood and this is the part that is vastly misunderstood.

Much is revealed in this prophetic event if you really understand. Not only is part of the sun, going dark, and the moon, but also the stars. However deeper than this it also said part of the day & night turn dark. This is giving us the entire prophetic event using symbolism. It is one thing to create a darkness on part of the sun, but the STARS?

So this is not a solar Nova event where it is burning out, it is obviously an ecliptic event. When it says part of the day and night also go dark, this is no ordinary eclipse. In a solar eclipse, if the sun is fully covered in a total solar black out, the stars will be seen even during the day. However, this is saying 1/3rd of the stars will go dark.

How can we begin to understand what is occurring here? We must first understand what is actually taking place. I am going to break it down to help you better understand this enormous event. Since we are talking about an eclipse, then it must be known that something in space is going to block out part of the sun, moon and stars from visibility. 

The prophet trying to explain what is occurring had no better way to reveal this than the way they are explaining it due to a lack of astrological understanding. Yet everything here is coded in such a way that in our day we can understand. 

In any eclipse there is a swath of darkness upon the earth where as those living within the area of the transition will be able to view the eclipse where as others on the planet will not be able to see the event in the same way. Thus it is imperative to understand when the author or prophet uses the term 1/3rd it is referencing part of the earth.

Let's break it down even more, our day is made up of 24 hours, within this time frame our earth goes dark. However it only goes dark where the earth rotates whereas the sun is then behind the earth. Thus over the 360 degree circumference, the earth receives both light & darkness in a 15 degree transit movement across the planet. 

There are 24 - 15 degree movements giving us our total 360 degrees. Over the 24 hour period the sun will either shine or become dark over part of the visible surface, whereas the poles have a different expression. So when it says 1/3rd of the sun, moon and stars will go dark, it is not pertaining to them but human's visual from earth.

What it is revealing is, 1/3rd of our space will be blocked, which includes the sun, moon and stars. How is this possible and what does it really mean? It is not revealing 1/3rd of outer-space will go dark, it is revealing 1/3rd of the day and or night will become dark. The reason it was written this way is because it effects the entire planet.

As we go deeper, it is imperative that we understand. 1/3rd of our day and/or night, is 8 hours, why? Because  of our 24 hour day created by the sun or moon. This prophecy is referencing the fact, that every person on earth will witness 1/3rd of their day and night will go black. Again though how is this possible?

For 8 solid hours an event is going to take place that our entire visual space will be blocked out. Again I repeat, how is that even remotely possible? Because an object so large will come between the earth and the moon and for 8 hours multiplied into increments of three, every person on earth will witness this event over a 24 hour sun/moon/star period.

Something so massive, so large will
block out our entire space in all parts of the earth for 8 hours each as it transitions. An object so large you wont see the sun, moon or the stars. All you will see is the dark/grayish unlit object in transit. And it is even telling us the time of day that this will occur. It will begin about hours before sunset and last for hours into the night or late afternoon through part of the evening.

For something this large it would mean the object is close enough to earth where it will be between the moon and earth, and in an orbit which means it would be about 4-5 times larger than planet earth. And this is just the beginning of devastation. 

This object will bring with it a massive dust cloud and meteors where every eye shall see from the East to the West. But this is for other congruent prophecies. In the bible it is called the great and dreadful day of the lord. This is just one part of it where I wanted to reveal what it means... 

The Lord is a rogue Planet. The ancients used to call planets, lords and gods. I would like to share more about the 1000-year day, the 24 hour day and the one-year day called the reset. All of it applies to what is about to occur. But you will have to read my books for more information, especially the Time-Loop Chronicles series.

Short Synopsis of Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer is Sophia of the Gnostic revelations, the one called Wisdom, Lucifer was created by the Father as the one given the full sum of Wisdom. She then created Lladabaoth/Yaltebaoth out of herself who then became the Devil. This was done illegally, thus she was cast out of the true Heaven. 

Lladaboath became the Serpent in the Garden, Jehovah was an angel of the Gods, not God. Satan then created his own angels, called Demons who were different than the fallen angels who were led by Lucifer, Lucifer/Sophia then became Eve. Satan her son then raped his mother Eve, producing Cain and Abel. 

Abel was removed, Cain went on to set the lineage of these children of Satan, Seth then became the lineage of the true souls. After the flood everyone was intermingled. The fallen angels still reign with Lucifer in our local heavens as the Watchers, some of them have access to an inner earth but it is fourth dimensional.

The demonic angels reign with Satan on and below earth as well as have access to the lower 4th dimension. Thus we are now watching the war between the demons and the watchers. Religion has failed to do their homework that Christ had given them.

The alien races were created by Lucifer so they could rule over them. Most of the alien races were destroyed when Humanity was created. There are many aliens both heavenly and earthly. All are creations of either Lucifer or Satan. None of them have the Eternal flame no matter what you have been taught, however they are vastly more technically advanced in the ways of the matrix, or matrical birthing system.

Only the fruit of Christ, the children of the Father and Mother have Eternal lineage. Thus the entire Alien world is now limited to the lower 4th dimension and 3rd dimensional construct called our solar system. All else beyond is a projection of what once was.

As I have revealed the word Alien comes from different Hebrew and Arabic meaning, "Lord God". And it is also the Hebrew form of Alyon, meaning the, Most High God, which obviously is referring to Lucifer, not the Father.  We have all been deceived awaken now before it is too late in this time loop.

Satan cannot defeat Lucifer because she can push the stop button anytime she chooses. If the truth hurts or is painful know that you have been given truth.

ADDENDUM: The raping of Eve/Sophia/Lucifer was all symbolic how she created Satan out of herself in blind passion of rebellion due to her beauty and pride. When she was raped it was symbolic of the Satanic lineage coming out from within her, just like her creation of Satan came out of her. Everything has symbolism. It is called the birthing of the Matrix.

I set before you this day, both good and evil, CHOOSE!

As I have written throughout the years, those within our borders & outside who have a counter culture that hates America, everyone must understand that it is not all unjust. The problem is most Americans do not understand they were played by a very demonic faction to destroy this country.

Yes, the American Government and many of its offshoots have been involved in horrendous and unspeakable evil actions not only towards their own citizens, but the people of the world. This is what Millennial's are taught, and this is why they have so much hatred toward the country and flag.

I am not here to make excuses for what has been done, some things were pure evil. I reveal all of this in my books. We cannot add a blind eye to what has happened. Not everything these young Socialists are saying is false. We must never get into a party mindset which blinds one to the truth.

There is good and evil on every side, and our job is to keep the good and rid the evil. But when we are in a party affiliation, we tend to accept both good & evil combined simply because of the party or hive mind.

The problem and the deception is clear, what went bad was not due to the Constitutional Republic, it was due to those who wanted to destroy this country, and then they blamed it on the Constitution. This is what many are not understanding.

Yes, terrible things were done under the banner of the American Flag, we cannot justify this, nor can we take a blind eye and believe everything that occurred was great because hey, we are America. My friends the days of blind obedience & ignorance must end.

The greatness of our country was built upon precepts and truths that should be forever ingrained within our hearts. But evil servants of demons over time, hated what this country stood for and decided to destroy it from within.

The irony of it all is that the youth today are siding with the very ones who actually destroyed our country and made it into what these young people hate. And then they blame it on the Constitutional Republic, & thus they are blinded to the truth.

The divisions, the racism, the hatred, so much was brought in by the very ones who changed our country and made it into what it has become. Fortunately at this late hour some are trying to restore what had changed, and guess who is trying to stop the renewal?

The very ones who wanted to destroy this country, who wanted to make it a third world nation, to remove its greatness and glory and substitute it for slaves via tyranny & Global order. These are the same ones that now hate the idea of America returning to greatness.

Satan has always brought in his version of global order by the use of the youth of a nation to deceive them because they do not have a foundation of the past or its history, they only know what they are being taught by subversives. 

Just like the concept of Global warming, the youth hear about what it stands for and they obviously are drawn to it because it sounds right, it seems logical... save the planet! They know not they are being conned by one of the greatest lies in history.

Satan always uses good to deceive many into entering evil. Global Warming misdirection was created for one purpose only. To tax to death what is left of the American citizens to bleed them dry to send it spiraling into a death grip and destroying the nation.

It is a direct form of Global socialism, taking from countries that have the most, i.e. America, and giving it equally to all the other countries, while a few men and women become grossly rich beyond comparison as they steal this money from Americans.

None of it has anything to do with protecting the planet, it is a con, a massive deception that was fostered by using delusion to confuse many into buying into their own death, so a few can become the power brokers of humanity.

Satan is the one who sends strong delusion and deceives the whole world by his lies and deceit. He is the one who gathers the youth into rebellion and then leads them to their destruction. Satan has never changed, but sadly nor has humanity, they continue to buy into the same lie.

And what does it say? Because you did not love the truth, strong delusion shall be sent so that you believe the lie unto your own destruction.

So be very careful that you do not fall for the great deception by being party minded. Not everything the other side says is false, and until one understands this, then nothing can ever be solved. We must adhere to truth only, not parties, sects, religions or Governments.

I set before you this day, both good and evil, CHOOSE!

Why are humans so easy to deceive?

Why is it that the majority of the human race acts more like sheep and cattle more than self-determined free willed agents? And why is it that cattle and sheep are fed and led to their slaughter? 

Can you imagine while roaming with a flock of sheep, you decide to break away and check yonder over the hill to see what is happening. Now all the other sheep are orderly and in one area and they remain behind. But you decide to do what none of the other sheep will do nor do they even aspire to do so.

You return after your journey, you then alert a few sheep telling them. Please come with me, there is a slaughterhouse over the next hill, our shepherds do not love and care for us, they are guiding us to our death.

A debate ensues, if this were true others would know about it. You then respond, how could they, everyone else is afraid to leave the flock. Then the cries comes out, you are a conspiracy theorist, a nutcase, a kook. Why would anyone listen to you?

This is the greatest hoax on humanity when the very ones being led to the slaughter are also the gatekeepers to make sure no one believes anything differently. The greatest fear of truth, is when truth reveals the flock is in danger.

It is then everyone seems to clam up, they go within and hide. They become frightened. For it is much easier to believe the lie for safety sake, than to have to answer to the truth revealing danger abounds.

But why are humans like this? The answer is why are sheep like this? Why are cattle like this? Because it is programmed into them. But who would program humans to follow towards their own demise. The answer to this question is also why humanity does not understand.

They are afraid to think for themselves that maybe they were conned. It doesn't matter whether you are religious or agnostic, the same thing applies. People refuse to hear the truth because it means we are truly in danger, so it is easier not to believe.

I have stated this for a very long time. Why was the Devil in the Garden of God. Why did God allow the newly created male and female to be deceived by the deceiver of the universe? Why did God even allow the evil tree in his Garden of perfection?

Remember this God gave them laws and rules to live by, and yet in some sadistic fashion he allowed the great deceiver to enter his domain and deceive the two humans that sadly just followed their tempter and set the standard for the entire human race to simply be followers.

Thus two humans broke the law, they disobeyed the rules, and then were banished and the curse was placed on everyone. However, if Satan was not allowed in the garden, nor the tree of good and evil, would this have ever occurred? Of course not.

The tree that was in the garden was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It almost sounds like a magicians act whereby they never reveal their hidden secrets that are used to deceive. But think, what is Good and Evil, it is God and Devil.

From the very beginning humans were locked into a duality of forces to cause them to become confused, to lead them astray. If you do not want harm to come to your children, do you then hire a rapist and burglar to enter your home while your children are home alone?

I have revealed that the tree of good and evil is the family tree of the fallen angels, versus the tree of life is the family tree of the Aeons of perfection. However there are multiple meanings. And one of them is, the tree also references our programming.

We have two trees within us if we are the true children. The one is the tree of life connected directly to our divine parents and family and it bypasses the human biological tree. And the other is the tree of death connected to these false gods of this world via our human containers.

Our human bodies unbeknownst to most every religion in this world are not the creation of the Divine family. Our bodies are frail, they are deteriorating, nothing about them is life eternal, but there is another aspect, our soul which is connected to divine spirit.

Our human body's are a mixture of good & evil, God & Devil, just like our human intellect and mind. The physical aspect of us is carnal, sold under sin. Now think about that, who sold us under sin? Who brought us into a garden that had Good and Evil, God and Devil?

MY friends, both God and Devil are not of the tree of our divine family. They are usurpers, they are frauds. It is the greatest con ever in the history of the universe, it is called Ordo ab Chao, creating chaos to be able to create order.

How loud do I have to scream to finally get it into the other sheep's minds that we have been programmed into a duality to keep us forever lost, confused & stranded, and in every life we are sentenced to death; from the moment we get here, it was a life sentence.

We are the sheep bound to the slaughter, because we continue to believe it can't be happening. Yet it is happening and it will continue to happen eternally if need be, until we awaken and break away from the internal programming that constantly leads us into hell.

The Real Truth far exceeds everything you have ever known

Please read the article below this one first.

Today I want to speak of the difference between perfection in the flesh versus perfection in spirit. I used examples in my last writing to reveal that we can attain perfection in this material realm by gaining skills.

This is all true, however, perfection in the flesh is only a stepping stone. Of itself it means nothing. It reminds me of the young rich man who came to Christ & said what do I need to do to gain access to life eternal.

Christ told the man, keep the commandments. The Young man said, from a young boy I have kept all of the commandments, then what do I lack. Christ then said, to become perfect sell all that you have and give it unto the poor.

The young man said, I cannot possibly do that, and thus he failed to attain perfection. When you realize what was revealed here it is huge. To those that believe adhering to the law is all that you need you are sadly mistaken.

The law of itself is a carnal law, it was created to identify sin. It even said, we are to live by faith not under law. Now does this mean we do not follow the law? No of course not, but obedience to the law is not sufficient. There is something more important.

When Christ told the young rich man to give all of his riches to the poor, this is an act of sacrifice to prove that the fleshly world has no power over our spiritual reality. If anything in the flesh is more important than the spirit then we fail.

Real perfection is not acquiring skills in the flesh. These things are good just like living obediently to the law, but of its own will not be a fruit unto spiritual attainment via perfection. WHY?

Example: just because you have mastered the piano doesn't mean you have spiritual fruits of perfection. Gaining perfection in the flesh does not qualify for spiritual acquirement. And this is why the young rich man failed. his money was more important than spiritual success, yet he had been obedient to physical laws.

As an example, living a healthy life is good and expedient for the flesh, but spiritually speaking it adds very little. One may ask why is this? This may be shocker, one who is healthy and strong, is closer to the fleshly realm that the spirit because of an attunement in the flesh.

By our sufferings and weaknesses we learn and grow spiritually. When everything is operating great in our human life that is when we learn the least about spiritual qualities. 

There is nothing wrong with it on the surface, but it would be better to be sick and maimed than to be rich and healthy and not be able enter our family kingdom. 

So what is it that we must do to gain fruits of perfection in the spririt? The answer is simple, we must become an adept to spiritual fruits. We must learn to be perfect in love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faith, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness & Self control.

These are things that create Eternal qualities of life. This is what our experiences here are all about. The testing ground we are experiencing now is the mode of operation to help us gather these fruits of perfection. Every experience in life revolves around these fruits.

Everything we do creates a choice between do I honor the spirit or do I honor the flesh. All the wealth, fame and power in this world and all of our physical skills are meaningless if we fail to produce fruits of the spirit. And isn't it ironic, that Satan always offer the fruits of the flesh, never the fruits of the spirit.

When I started this writing it was due to an email I received from someone who claimed god is a perfectionist and if we fail to attain to that perfection he will destroy us and punish us for all eternity. The fruits alone prove this is not of the Father or Christ.

Our divine family has an internal spirit of patience, goodness, kindness, these are fruits that allow one to be merciful, compassionate and ever understanding as to why we do fail and how we need help to  master the fruits of the spirit.

Just like when that little toddler takes their first steps, and then falls and bangs their little knees and possibly their head, we do not chide them, nor attack them nor threaten them. We know the process, we know how hard it is and what it will take for success.

Thus we are ever patient, ever filled with goodness, kindness and gentleness to allow for mistakes so the child can attain perfection. It is no different in spirit. Sin simply means, missing the mark of perfection.

I have written often that doubt & fear are the arch enemies of faith. Doubt & fear are satanic elements to cause us to believe no matter how much we try we cannot succeed. Thus they say, if you do not act in a perfect manner you shall be destroyed.

This very idea is not a spirit that comes from a Father or Mother, or even a sibling. It s a spirit of lies and misdirection. When one feels success is not within their range of attributes, what happens? They stop trying, they give up, they fail. 

On the contrary when one is shown mercy, goodness, and unconditional love they will get back up and try harder. This is the spirit of life eternal. Anything that gets in the way of these attributes is a spirit of darkness.

When one begins to think deeply about their life I guarantee everything that is happening concerns the fruits of the spirit. Your entire life may be a testing ground for these fruits or maybe just one of two of them. 

Maybe you lack patience. Maybe you lack love. Maybe being merciful is an issue with you. Whatever it may be it is part of your test. It is true it may take more than one lifetime to truly understand what you lack and then begin to perfect it.

You may have great love but you have no patience. You may have faith but not joy. Whatever we need the Father/Mother and Christ help work in us situations where we can best attain these attributes in each life. 

What we may see as failure in the long run is actually success because we are realizing that these attitudes that have impaired our judgment are not good, even if it is difficult to overcome, we are still learning.

If we can battle in the weakness of the flesh those things that are out of harmony and not in balance, just think how much resolve and power you would have over these things in spirit. So what may appear as failure is only an illusion.

Eventually with enough lifetimes, and experiences we are indeed gaining the perfection we need to return back home completed. My friends, there is no failure in the Father/Mother and Christ. They cannot fail. As their true children they will never forsake us or ever leave us, anyone telling you different has a lying spirit.

We are connected to our divine parents from within our spirit projected soul. They are not separated, nor external like the gods of this fallen realm. They are internal and eternal. Therefore everything we do that is a success is forever, everything that is failure is simply removed in time.

Perfection from an imperfect world, how is it possible?

An individual wrote me the other day and said, that God is a perfectionist, and if we fail to attain to that perfection then we shall be destroyed and punished eternally. I thought what a sad existence to believe in this mischaracterized misnomer.

First of all, the eternal Father is not a perfectionist. This would imply that he is seeking for perfection. The Father is perfect by determination. He is willfully perfect. How does one become willfully perfect, they must skillfully choose.

In life we have what are called skills, this is an attribute of perfection gained through failure. Accomplishments are wrought via many attempts while one fails constantly. Like becoming a virtuoso, this can takes years of failure to even begin to perfect.

However, perfection is not limited to one field of experience, if one is perfect they are perfect in all fields in an eclectic variety. In everything they do they are perfect. This is the attribute of the Father, but for us, we are not even close.

What happens if you have a skill in one field and not another, then you are not perfect, are you? So often in life the majority of the people if they are lucky gain a skill in one field maybe two, the rest is imperfection.

Should we throw this person away and punished them for all eternity? One may say, I can build a car engine from scratch, but ask of them, can you play a song on a piano, they will say no, they have no clue. It all takes determination via accomplishment.

And often in our limited vista in this world, we can barely master one thing forget mastering all things. The greatest area of perfection is to have the ablity to have mercy and compassion when we see imperfection. 

Example: a great teacher allows for time to gather the knowledge to become perfect because they realize it took them much time to gather their knowledge. A flawed teacher forces their student to comply and if not they give up on them. False teachers are the ones who say God is a perfectionist that demands perfection.

A perfectionist is someone who is flawed but seeks for perfection. A perfectionist is someone who would destroy another for all eternity because they failed to be perfect. That very belief is undoubtedly imperfection.

An eternal being is not limited by time, they have all eternity to seek perfection in all souls. The idea one is given one life to become perfect is due to an imperfect world that we exist within that is designed in corruption.

Our bodies, our planet, our solar system, our galactic realm is not perfection it is imperfection, it is corruption, it is deterioration, it is death. How can one expect perfection within imperfection? 

We learn from that which is not perfect, how to strive for perfection. From the moment we are born we are dying. That beautiful bundle of joy is unaware that they were born in a realm of death, a realm of imperfection and deterioration. 

Even the Bible says, Adam was created in corruption, meaning imperfect, but Christ is perfection. Christ is the second Adam, why? Because he became perfected... We strive to become like Christ from being human/Adam, but to do so we shall stumble and fall the entire way, until we build skills that can forever be latched upon our heavenly body.

Why do you think it says, all the good/skills that we gain is placed in heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt. All the accomplishments we secure are never removed, but are always gathered for all eternity. But our flaws must be removed...

When we strive for perfection to accomplish a skill, the skill comes by removing imperfection to gather perfection. Once we have that perfected skill, you don't go back to become imperfect. Thereby, all the true children have secured many skills along their path that will forever remain with them until they return.

Earth is the training ground to develop skills, to develop perfection. This means until we have developed enough perfection where we can become determined, we shall remain here until we succeed. We are to become like Christ & the Father. 

However, this could take ages and each life is only a portion of who we are in total. Therefore one life can not be the judge of our entire outcome, no more than failure can be our judge towards perfection.

When you see a 5-year old who has the skills of a virtuoso and has the ability to play a musical instrument like a skilled veteran, this is the result of a developed ability from past times. It was a learned skill. As a human no one is born with skills they had to develop them.

In the Bible it was stated about the man who was born blind, the disciples understood that flaws and imperfections were the results of failure or sin. They asked Christ, was this man born blind because of his past sins or his parents sins. 

How could a new born baby have past sins? Obviously they were attained in past lives. This new born was given a new life to overcome failures to attain perfection. Those who believe the Father can throw his very own children away due to failure does not know the Father or Mother or Christ.

It is imperative to understand, the Father gives his children all the time needed to gain perfection, and the Father understands one lifetime or even many may not be enough time. Therefore, time itself is an imperfection carving the pathway on the way to perfection.

The idea that the Father demands perfection started with Lucifer in the great rebellion. It was then that the teaching of hellfire resulted and the idea that one can be banished & Punished for all eternity. This occurred because this is what happened to the fallen angels and the demons, but not so with the true children. I explain all of this in my writings.

The fallen angels began teaching damnation for imperfection. The truth is the angels who fell knew and understood perfection and decided to become imperfect. Again it is all choice. The true children on the other hand are given time/grace to learn perfection through imperfection. Would you expect any less from a true divine parent?

More to come...

​The Plain Truth about Israel in the Middle East that nary a one dare reveal.

Let me try to explain this again. The Jews are not Israel, they are one tribe of the Israelite's. The House of Israel included 10 sons of Jacob, now known as the lost ten tribes, Judah was united with Levi & part of Benjamin. After both Israel & Judah were conquered, by Assyria & later Babylon they all exiled to the North.

From this time forward the Jews of Judah were scattered among the Israelite's who made home mostly in Europe. However, there was a prophecy that Israel would become great again.
But it has nothing to do with that land in the Middle East.That was a United Nation's concoction in 1948.

Most do not understand that Europe is also home of the Assyrians that once took Israel Captive they became known as the Prussians who Hitler deemed as the most proficient bloodline for his Nazi S.S. power. And along with some of the Roman Empire, Babylon as well as Greco-Macedonia, the majority became a blended blood with the Israelite's and Jews.

The latter day Israel was to become a coded people who would become two powerful nations, one that would rule over all the world beyond their own boundaries and then the latter would become the greatest single most powerful nation on earth. And most of the Jews would always remain scattered around the earth. This is the real PROPHECY!

I am still perplexed why this is so difficult for Christians to grasp. But sadly you have all been had. Many Christian religions along with their evangelicals have been spreading this concoction to their congregations because they fail to recognize certain meanings of scriptures and their timelines.

The goal was to confuse Bible believing Christians as to where Israel and the Jews actually are today so that no one would figure out Biblical prophecy, since 90% of it surrounds these two groups of people. The United Nations was the culprit that accomplished that nefarious goal.

My friends, Israel is not about bloodline anymore, that all changed, in fact the two sons of Israel were half Egyptian, Try letting that sink in. These nations were co-opted & became blended cultures that became world government powers and its people are from all races, creeds and cultures. However, there is a bloodline segment of the Jews of Judah, who became the Royal Houses of Europe, and mostly Great Britain, the rest of the Jews are scattered and blended.

Isn't it about time to realize why the two most powerful nations ever to exist on earth are never mentioned in Biblical Prophecy? Well maybe if you knew where to look instead of relying on deceivers, one would know that all prophecy is about these two nations and their scattered brothers of Europe. And Israel in the Middle East is meaningless.

Israel in the Middle east is more like the 51 state of America than anything else...

ADDENDUM NOTE:Israel in the Middle East does have some Jews and Israelite's but mostly mixed with another foreign culture, but this area and part of the world is not what you have been led to believe. By the way this is only a fraction of what the truth really is about this deception.

Trump's Day of Wonder - will he acknowledge the Power & Vision of George Washington.

An interesting story about George Washington. He had been able to live through many battles never even getting wounded. His uniform & even his head-ware had bullet holes in them but not a single one of them touched his body. It was then he had a vision...

In some lost writings Washington reveals a vision he had with an old Indian who had died in the battle in Ohio years earlier. Washington was ready to give up. Nothing he did was accepted by the elite, he had been the wealthiest of men & gave it all up to fight for his country.

But his country hated him, he constantly battled Congress, they did everything they could to prevent him from succeeding. And yet he continued to fight until about the time he had his two vision, it was then he was about to throw in the towel, and return back to his wealth & riches.

Instead the Indian told him that he had power behind him from the spirits above, that he had been protected his entire life just to accomplish the goal of Making America Great. It was then he had another vision of what America finally becomes 200+ years into future.

He saw the Civil War, he then witnessed the great wars of the 20th century. His vision showed him all the way to where America filled the land from the ocean on the East to the West. He saw the lights of the great cities revealing their glory over the majestic territory.

He was able to see how great the nation had become, because he never gave up and surrendered to the elite devils who only wanted to destroy this nation & keep it under the British crown. However, in his vision he saw at the other end those who wanted to destroy the country again.

Yet somehow the nation was saved. Do we have another Washington. I ask this question because if Trump is the new Washington maybe he has yet to have the vision that reveals it is not by his power or works but by the spirits.

As I have relayed before, the ancient prophecy of Joshua reveals his hands will lay the foundation of this house, and his hands shall also finish it... Washington laid the Foundation, and all signs reveal Trump shall finish it. Trump is George Washington.

In the end there can be no deals, no games, based on the prophecy he must act with fire in the belly & truth in his heart to get rid of those who try to destroy the nation again. It will take tough decisions but the power is there if he uses it.

5G Technology is the realization that humans were never meant to go past a certain point in our artificial reality. 

Technological toys are fun but are they expedient for three-dimensional humans or are we unwittingly adding another dagger into the heart of humanity. I speak of the new 5G Technology Network. Are we advancing or committing suicide. 

Has humanity really moved forward with technology or has it destroyed the very basics of life. Are we really destined for the stars? Or were earthlings never to advance beyond a certain point? So often what we desire is what we rejected long ago when we had fallen.

I pose a serious question, how far can technology take us? Here is even more of a serious question, is what we call reality the residual after effects of artificial intelligence? Simply stated, are we already living in an A.I world and are unaware.

Our bodies act exactly like computers, although being biological we tend to believe we are animate entities rather than inanimate objects and of course that makes sense because some do seem to be sentient, I say SOME! However, where do we draw the line in what really is life?

I am old enough to remember that working on the farm 18 hours a day was difficult, and often painful. Yet we felt more alive. We felt we had purpose. Getting up early in the morning to a large breakfast to start a very long day which lasted from before sunrise to after sunset was very cathartic. 

One had the feeling of internal energy, a powerful substance that granted us a feeling of worth. There is no amount of technology that can ever replace that sensation. In fact it is the opposite. Therefore I ask, were we ever to advance, or is it a curse?

I have long been teaching that our souls were sent into programmable objects called Avatars. The body we wear is a new form of fig leafs that cover over the dynamic energy that e had once been availed to. But the bodies have limitation as part of the curse due to the fall.

Humanity was never meant to move away from the created playground we were given, thus fiery swords. Humans were not designed to be side by side with 4th dimensional technology. We are living in a bio-machine that by its very nature was programmed to deteriorate.

The only life we perceive as sentient beings is via the soul. Soul is a projected energy from spirit. Spirit is life eternal whereas our computerized bodies and the world they reside within are internal death. 

Everything in this realm called three-dimension is always in retrograde to divine nature. Everything here is limited by its very design. Everything in this realm is on a path to enter non-existence. The only thing that can and will survive is the spirit which projects our souls.

So what is wrong with technology? Technology is a fraud, technology is a lie that was created to superimpose over what was eternal intellect and energy that which we rejected for 3D games. It is a copy of the real but it is not real, nor is it true life.

Let me try to reveal the reality of our limited existence. Our entire frame of reference called the third dimensional plane of awareness is nothing but a projected playground that is no different than a high tech video game.

It has its programmed parameters and perimeters, and like any game has a beginning and an end. Once it comes to the end, then the game starts over. But what defines the end? When humanity begins to desire that which it was never programmed to obtain, then the end must come.

What is that desire? It is when humanity begins to realize they are in a computerized realm and they begin to tap into it called Artificial intelligence that can recreate worlds and universes. At that point it must end.

Our world always comes to an end when it gets to the point it can recreate our entire world and beyond. But why? Why are not allowed to move on? Because we rejected eternity in the proverbial Garden, when we accepted all-knowledge dark and light, over life eternal.

Our very earthly plane of existence and the universe beyond is the result of artificial intelligence. However the creators of this realm had no desire in allowing us to recreate our world. Therefore the ancients called it the end time, the last days, The end of the world.

This is when unlimited eternal conscious beings decided to play limited games of awareness. We desired to retrograde to see what limitation was really like. And we spend ages realizing that what we truly desire is what we left abandoned long ago.

Like a carrot dangling before our eyes, we get very close to using animated Artificial intelligence until the plug is pulled and we must start again at square one. Did you know in some of the lost books found in the Nag Hammadi, Christ told us this very thing?

Christ didn't call it artificial intelligence, he called the artificial spirit. Meaning we are living inside a programmable false reality that can act at times like spirit but it is all fake. He told us when we can overcome this lack then we can move back to where we had come from. To be Continued... 

Time variances are locked out of the brain programming it takes at minimum a transitional mind to recognize what cannot be interpreted. 

The Soul Mind is aware, but usually it is not awake. Once activated one can access other dimensions. The problem with the brain is everything is compartmentalized like computer files. We see things two-dimensional. And this has blinded many.

The soul itself is a projection from our spirit, and it is portioned to the body we use. However, that same spirit can portion the Soul into many bodies, likened unto thought transference into many dimensions/timelines. However, since your avatar brain is locked at a precise frequency, we are often disconnected.

Compartmentalization and Soul portioning are somewhat the same. The brain can access and use separate files, like the soul can access multiple planes of awareness. Within the body avatar it seems like one world, one timeline, but the soul-mind sees above and beyond into many worlds of experiences.

Example, marriage in spirit are two spirits united as one, to create a complimentary effect, the lower gods created marriage taking two avatars & uniting them by law together and saying they are now one. But the unification is not real unlike it is real in the higher realms. This is why it was stated there is no human marriage in the Kingdom, everyone is already whole in spirit.

Intuition, extra perception, gut feeling mostly comes from within the soul, not the brain. And even though the brain is sectioned to allow for different planes of awareness it is more mechanical than natural and can easily be wrongly influenced, i.e. programmed. 

The pineal gland is nothing more than a bio-transmissional object set in the base of the brain to interact with the 4th dimensional matrix programming. It is not the soul but when accessed can act like the soul projection confusing the aspirant and many New Agers LOL.

The pineal gland was placed into the bodies to allow for soulless beings to connect to the fourth dimension. This is their only connection. We can also use it, but we have a much higher connection and even unto the 5th dimension and beyond.

Changes in chrono-mechanics, can be recognized by the soul but the brain is unable to access a change variance, because any change is simply a reprogram. If you change an operation in the computer the system is not saying to itself, whoa something changed, it just allows for the change as if it was always normal.

Example, a time traveler goes back in time and makes a change to an event which escalated into a domino effect where it changes the world around you even slightly. If the change was made in the past the brain simply takes it as original programming, and does not recognize their surrounding changed. But the soul knows something is wrong.

Therefore the soul mind projection recognizes a change but the brain is saying, nope, nothing changed, all is as it was. But the soul is saying, this is not true, I remember clearly. The brain responds, sorry, just bad memory and I should know.

The trick is to believe the soul-mind and not the brain, or else you will also lose the knowledge of time, places and events changing. To be continued....

The Age of Globalism a Satanic Doctrine which is fed by the Parasite of Socialism.

I grew up at a time when we were the children of World War II. We learned that nothing is given to you. You worked hard and you perfected your art, or else you would have nothing. A dollar was very important. And our courtesy and professionalism meant more than anything else.

People succeeded because they worked very hard, planning, setting goals, saving. They saw a need and worked at serving that need. In short, most people had the capacity & desire to serve one another with respect & dignity.

You didn't buy brand new homes & cars. You started at the very beginning. Everything we owned was used. Even the children's clothes were hand-me-downs from the older siblings. We struggled, we saved, we worked and we helped others along the way. And we built character.

It taught us personal responsibility, it taught us how to think and create. American goods were the best in the world, and they lasted. We did not live in a throw away society. We had professionals that were there on the spot for house calls to fix everything we owned.

The kids didn't stick their faces in some hand held game. They played outside & had fun, everyone played with their neighbors. Kids invented games. No one was confused about who they were, we all understood that everyone had great value as a core help to each other.

By the 80's it all began to slowly change. The dollar had been destroyed when it was taken off Gold and Silver. Responsibility was removed economically to create money out of thin air. Credit cards slowly began to be given away like candy.

All of a sudden, everyone could own a new home, a new car, everything was new, everyone felt like they were rich. Sadly though they never realized they were placed into a prison of debt that would forever be held over them and their children's children.

Parents could no longer be a single household worker while the moms stayed home as being part of a powerful job of raising and nurturing the children. Everyone had to work to pay off the debts. The Government loved it because it was another way to collect taxes.

Kids were no longer raised in their homes they were raised in government institutions. They were taught it was their right to get whatever they wanted. And it was all handed to them freely. But it was not really free. However, the kids never understood this.

Families began to deteriorate, divorce sky rocketed. Children were often left alone to their own devices and crime began to escalate. And then the Universities began to teach a doctrine of self-interest, most of it by disgruntled children who now grew up thinking everything should be about them.

Morals and ethics were cast aside for lust and desire. Professors were nothing more than spoiled rebellious children that never grew up and never understood the value of ethics and hard work and most of all correction. And then the age old proverbial disconnect, socialism was then brought back.

True education and history was a thing of the past, it became whatever anyone wanted it to become. A great divide occurred when the parents no longer were really connected to their children. It was all about separation, division, and disconnection.

And then the toys came. Hand held games, portable telephones. Whatever was left of a family connection was forever destroyed as no one could interact to anyone live anymore. Everything was inside technology living in a fabricated life with toys.

And how & why did all of this happen, well that leads to Globalism. Those evil robber barons who rule over the people only seeking for what they can devour and destroy to make them the kings of the world while the rest are either killed off or become slaves to their New World Order.

Isn't Satan just a concept that some use to try to explain away human deficiency?

My friends, wake up, you do not understand how this world is being directed via the frequency of our brain-minds. Satan is real, I have met this entity face to face, and he is the God of this Earth. 

His logic, aspirations, & motivations are death. He offers deals to fulfill the lust of the flesh, sex, fame, power & wealth. You may access these things if you are willing to barter your very moral existence away to destroy others. The more deviant you are the greater the lust fulfilled.

The highest power one can access is made possible by the most wretched, horrible act one could ever consider. Even if you accept the offer, you will be limited in power & control over others unless you are willing to do the one thing that gives total power. Drink the blood of children, execute them and eat their flesh.

In the ancient times, Satan and his top leaders came before the people as the Lord BA'AL & the Owl God, Moloch. The greatest offering one could give unto these perverse entities was the sacrifice of little children and babies. They were taught that drinking the blood as well as the substance in their adrenal glands produced eternal life.

Satan used something Christ said by issuing forth a false belief that Jesus was a little Baby as one of the gods in the flesh. And then the teaching that was brought forth was designed to reveal all of this wickedness. When Jesus said, To him that drinks my blood and eats my flesh shall have life eternal. Now you may better understand what was happening.

Satan placed the thought into the mind as Jesus being this little baby that had a substance within him that granted long life.

Satan conjured up the belief that drinking blood and eating the flesh of a little baby who they claim was God granted Eternal life. But none of this is true. Jesus was born as we are all born, it even stated that if you do not believe that Jesus was Flesh and Blood then this is the spirit of the Antichrist. 

The true children were created before the world was, and we were sent to earth to fulfill a plan. Christ was not one of the gods, he was the first born/created Child of the Father/Mother of the Aeons of creation. The gods were and have always been the fallen angels.

Jesus was obviously trolling the people of his day because he knew what they were involved in. Child Sacrifice, BA'AL & Moloch worship.  So he turned it all around by saying, he that drinks my blood and eats my flesh shall have eternal life. This revealed unto them that he knew what they were doing.

This confused and bothered the masses so much, every single follower except the original disciples left Christ that day & it is revealed in the most uncanny numerical verse of John 6:66. Then Christ turned around and explained it all. He said, the Words I speak are spirit, for I am the WORD and the bread of Life, and you must drink and eat the Word and thus you shall have eternal life. It was never about drinking his blood or eating his flesh but the point got through and those reprobates stopped following.

How do I know this? Because I was given the offer, and as I stared into death, I rejected it saying, I will never destroy others to access advancement, nothing in this limited existence is worth that. I was then to be immediately executed by the hand of this mindless creature, but when I was at the point of death I was then protected. 

Do not fool yourself into believing that Satan is simply an ideological concept that has no merit/substance in the real world. The Great dragon that was cast out of the heavens along with his followers are here, they rule, & they hate everything about the human soul.

If you are a true child of the Divine Aeons, then you are the enemy to this mental aberration. I say this because not all humans are of the divine creation, in fact in these times, most are not of the True Family they are simply biological robotics that are lust only oriented & operated and there is no conscience of soul.

The Irony of Displacement. Humans organize to control. 

Christ church is a spiritual organization, that is ironically separated, splintered and divided all over the earth. And yet it is being governed in unity as one body by Christ, which is unseen. Human's idea of a church is a group of people organized under one physical order, that is visible. 

The church is often called the Mother, which nurses its young on her milk. Ironically the true church is not a child on milk but a mature adult who has broken away from the Mother to become the bride of Christ, which means he or she is now feeding themselves on the meat/WORD. 

Therefore to be in the true church one must leave the Mother or human organization & begin a spiritual trek as a child being led. What is the difference? The child of the Father & Mother via Christ relies on the invisible realm, whereas humans rely solely on the visible world.

Everything most believe in and have been taught is opposite of the true way, in fact it is a cover or veil to mask out the truth. Often within the veil spiritual ideology is used to lure the unsuspecting into human beliefs. Therefore truth is often masked using similar truth.

Therefore to become a child in the spiritual organization, we must mature enough to leave human controls which are designed to keep us away from the true church by forcing us to feed off a false premise. Therefore without true faith of the unseen, we are being deceived by that which we do see.

Ancient Law has been Transformed via the Mandela Effect

This is incredible. It appears we have been royally duped by satanic interests and another change in the Bible has miraculously manifested. Are you familiar with the Mandela Effect?

As a Bible student for nearly 60-years I can say, that the Laws of Israel were always predominant above the Gentiles, or what was called the Foreigners. There was always a separation by law between the Israelite and Gentile. But now the Bible has changed again, morphing into political correctness.

It wasn't until Christ came that he revealed there was no division Spiritually between the Israelite & Gentile as revealed by the physical manifestation of Old Covenant Law. He taught this to Peter in the vision of the clean and unclean meats. This was even difficult for the Disciples to deal with.  They never saw the Gentiles of Blood as equals in anyway, because under old law they were not, but when it came to the spirit they were taught to accept them if they convert.

Christ revealed the Old Covenant law deals with flesh & blood whereas the new covenant law represents Spirit & Soul. However, the Old Covenant was definitely biased to a specific bloodline, there is no doubt about this and never was until now. 

I assure you under old Covenant law the The Gentile had no rights in Israelite territory, unless they began acting as an Israelite. In fact they were destroyed, looted and bred out of existence. The warning to Israel was a curse would be placed upon their heads if they gave heed to the foreigner & followed after their gods.

This was always the warning that the Alien would come and dwell among them and begin to lead the people to follow after foreign gods and their foreign ways. When any time a Gentile was allowed to be among the Israelite they had to conform to the new way and walk that path. If not they were to be removed or killed. But they were never accepted as Blood Born, they were always a foreigner by law.

It is now saying that the foreigner has the same rights and are to be considered like a BORN Israelite, and those who are foreign are to be allowed within and are to be given the same rights as one born in that nation.  This is contrary to all knowledge of the covenant and what it meant and all known laws from here on out. This is totally bunk and it has all been added. 

Berean Study Bible
You must treat the foreigner living among you as native-born...
King James Version
But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you...
Christian Standard Bible
You will regard the alien who resides with you as the native-born among you.

Death Bed Repentance is a like a Loophole in Righteousness?

The understanding that one can spend their life doing abhorred things and then right at the end they can repent & somehow miraculously they will be escorted out by loving angels and into the hands of their divine Father & Mother, is absurd. Repentance means change, and it must come with fruits to prove the sincerity.

This misunderstanding is based on the one-life theory, that we all have one life-time, one chance to get it right or kaboom. It doesn't matter what our individual experiences are, or what environment we are born into in life, too bad so sad. This is a total lack of understanding of what grace really is. This is our judgment ground, and what we do with it proves our fruits or the lack thereof.

If one is truly a child of the Father & Mother, they will be given every opportunity in the book under every possibly condition to commit to change and then all of their combined fruits from life-times will be gathered from, where moth and rust do not exist. Otherwise, return trip tickets will have been printed and that soul will be on the next available train back to Hell/Earth.

Once again, the true definition of hell is the constant repetition within time and space recycling continually without finding an exit; living within the depths of darkness. The difference between Grace and the death penalty is grace is unmerited pardon allowing for more time to reform. Under the death penalty it is do it now or never.

We must stop thinking linear and start thinking cyclical. If one is the true child of the Divine Parents, they shall never fail, it is impossible for them to fail. They will never be forsaken, or rejected. All the true children will be given all the time needed to reform and become that diamond from the coal, each one at their own level and process of growth.

The true love of a Parent never gives up, it is always unconditional and forever patient waiting for our change. However, an impersonal love, one that comes from an external deity and non-inheritable from internal parents, is never patient, and it is not really unconditional love. It is ownership of slaves for worshiping purposes, and demands what can never be given.

When time is in a cyclical pattern, it takes nothing away from eternity. If you continue to cycle until you are removed from the cycle, you had simply never moved forward, but when one is removed then one is eternal again.

Therefore cyclical judgment is not forever or eternal it just appears that way until one can be freed from the illusory chains of darkness wrapped around the soul.

A country without protective borders is a nation damned!

Ignorance is the true enemy and confusion is its brother. The debate on whether to have walls or not is an issue that is old as the Earth itself. A nation cannot succeed with open borders or else it is not a nation, it is simply an offshoot of someone other's claim.

I hear people all the way up to the Pope declare God does not wall people out while the Vatican has massive walls. Oh really, the fact is we are here on this floating rock, which is a penal colony, because we all rebelled against the true way, and are now being walled out of paradise by flaming swords.

The rich and elite are the ones who desire open borders, and all of them have walls protecting their homes and palaces. The reason 99% of them are rich and elite is because they sold the people out to gain off of their backs and hard work. These are evil entities. They are the children of Satan's own bloodline.

The true divine spirit does not have an open borders policy, in fact it is quite the opposite. if we do not change our ways, and prove that we can be a citizen of the Kingdom, there is no way we shall enter into the gates of paradise unless we are properly vetted.

When a nation is under threat of an invasion, it doesn't matter how they enter, or what means are used to envelope said nation, the fact is, this is war. There is no other word for it. Whether they come in with women and children or give a wonderful gift of a Trojan horse, it is war.

The idea that anyone could sit back and say allow the borders to be open are of themselves doomed for certain death or they are the harbingers of death. This is how ignorance rules the heart, it plays on the stupidity of a mind unprepared to deal with reality and it leads the lemmings off the same cliff. 

History teaches us our lessons, but if we fail to learn history, it is doomed to repeat. There is no such thing as America or Americans if one believes our borders should be opened. We are simply casualties in someone other's graveyard. 

Look what has happened to France, Germany, Italy & all of Europe. these are rich cultured people that go back a very long time, and now they are being exploited by the same demonic mindset that represents open borders, and the cultures are diminishing, and the people are being damned and are being bred out of existence.

It is time to awaken to the truth that America was conquered from within, those who have pretended to be our leaders were sold out to the highest bidder and the people have become the fodder. What little hope America now has is simply called, containment. 

Have you ever studied the nation of Israel in the Bible, have you ever witnessed what happened to them time and time again. Due to their open sins and vile nature, God caused them to be invaded by a foreigner that carried them away to their doom as wretched slaves.  Open borders is a curse unto the nations for their disregard of spiritual law.

This was the story of Israel continually, where the people rebelled against their god, and they were made slaves by a foreigner that crept in unawares and destroyed the nation from within. People, WAKE UP do not be conned by the death merchants who have sold their own rotten souls to enslave yours!

​​​​​​​Levels of our spiritual battle in warfare. 12/28/18

Are you AWOL as a cave dweller or a Trench soldier? One of the difficult aspects of dealing with life after one uncovers the truth, is there is a tendency to imitate the higher spiritual world in our lives and thus it brings us into a position of hiding the gift of truth from the world around us.

When one realizes there is a better world, a greater way, we want to emulate this to such an extent that we actually move away from everything around us and there is a tendency to hide. It is somewhat akin of receiving a gift such as a bicycle, while it is brand new it is beautiful, colorful, and it’s very pleasing to the eye, but the gift is meant to be used. And in so doing it is going to get dirty, it is going to get banged up.

You must choose, to either place the bicycle on a pedestal and keep it for show, or take it out into the world and share it. Years down the road the bicycle won't even look the same, it will be beaten, scared, torn up, even missing some parts, but it is still the bicycle you received as a gift and it will have accomplished many great things.

I have learned one secret to life when one begins to receive the spiritual truth, it is what they do with it that reveals everything about one’s character and growth. We tend to take truth and store it away, place it somewhere where it can't be despoiled by the earth and all the things within it.

We don't want it to get dirty, or appear banged up, or old. We want to always keep it in its original pristine condition. But the sad fact is, the truth is not being used to help others, it is being hidden instead of being shared.

One of the great parables in the Bible reveals that one must not bury their talents, or else the gift will be taken away from you and given to another who had not only received their talents but used them and exercised them to where they brought forth much fruit.

Spiritual truth is like receiving a beautiful gift in a very ugly world, and it is up to us to share this gift even if it appears to make the truth look muddied. We must not hide the truth as if we go inside a cave with a few other friends who believe the same, and all one ever does is share their gift with their friends only.

We must take the truth into the trenches as soldiers battling, and warring, to help and share with those who need it the most. As Christ also had been condemned because he used to hang around what his accusers called, the sinner. He would be with them in bars sharing his knowledge with them.

When attacked by those who saw themselves as spiritual giants they accused him of hanging around sinners and evil people, which most assuredly proved Christ was also evil. Christ told them, it is true, the people I dwell with are sinners, the only difference is, between them and you, is they know they are sinners, what is your excuse?

They understood they made mistakes, they did things wrong, and most of the time all they wanted was to be forgiven and steered towards the right direction. But if you ignore them because of their folly, how will they ever be given aid in the time of need?

Christ didn't come for the righteous, he came for the sinner, and thus we must always realize, that as long as we dwell in this realm inside these bodies, we are sinners. And hiding this fact does not help anyone else, it only separates one from the true battle of helping and aiding their fellow soldier in battle.

So the question is, are you a cave dweller or a trench soldier? What are you doing with your gift? Are you sharing it with others who are also lost on the battle field, or did you take it inside a cave so that it never gets dirty, and hide it among a few friends who think as you do. Beware!

This is one of the greatest tendencies of many once they begin to awaken, they then take their prized possession and hide it so it doesn't get trampled, muddied, spit on, broken, and so much more. Instead they keep their possession hidden away always looking brand new but it is never used to share with others in the battle that really need it.

It is so hard once one comes across the truth, to actually use it to increase the value by sharing it with others, this is called producing fruits and it is a mandate to everyone who awakens. Therefore, one must use their gift to help others or it is no more than a museum object that stands with elegance, and clean, amazing and beautiful, but no one else but those in your cave will ever see it or learn from it.

Until the midnight hour when all truth will be removed from this plain of existence, we must continue to share what we have so more can be granted access to the highest plain of awareness.  

The Great Unknown Hidden Mystery 12/23/18

1. Did you know King David nor King Solomon can be found in historical archives anywhere, WHY? How it is possible for the most Celebrated Jewish and Christian King and his Son, the wealthiest man on earth, one of the most powerful world military leaders, and the lawmaker and Temple Builder never be chronicled by anyone?

2. Obviously for an historian one would have to conclude they never existed. The problem with that conclusion is there are too many side references in history that do speak of these entities but are not chronicled in the same time and events.

3. Unbeknownst to most, Solomon was one of the most vile men in history according to the Bible. When it came to breaking God's known laws he would have come in first place. And yet this man is revered along with his Father David.

4. Amazingly enough, Solomon was allowed to build the Temple whereas, David was not allowed due to so much blood being on his hands... This is incredible to even think about, how could David not be worthy but Solomon was? 

5. What are we to do? How can we deal with this information? Must we conclude that these two Biblical hero's never really existed? I have learned one thing about the Bible as a historical archive, it usually proves true when we do some research and leg work to expand the summation quality.

6. Doing a little research and discovery of our history, I was able to find two such powerful men with complete and identical details surrounding them both. The patterns, their life, occurrences, objectives, titles, all the same nearly to perfection. The only problem was, the timelines were not connected. But that was no problem for me since I already recognized that our accepted history was a fabrication.

7. Therefore, I took these two men and patterned them together until I was not only convinced, I would bank the farm on it. The reason David and Solomon are not in our secular history is because they didn't exist under those names. They were added later by Jewish, Greek and Latin writers.

8. The name Solomon is actually the Latin form of 'Sun' of God. There was another historical figure, who was known as a military power, the richest man, a lawmaker and a Temple builder. His name was also the Sun of God, but it wasn't Latin, it was Egyptian. His name was Ramases II, Pharaoh of Egypt, known also as the Hyksos Shepherd King.

9. If this remarkable connection stands true, then the Father of Ramases would have to be, Seti I. Ironically Seti and David match up to a tee also. Even to the point where David lost his firstborn and it was Solomon who became the next in the ruling line. As well Seti also lost his first born, and Ramases II became the next to rule.

10. Another of a myriad of details, both the reigns of Solomon & David linked to Seti & Ramases equaled 80-years. The Bible said, David ruled for 40 years and so did Solomon, the only difference was, which was actually not a difference, Seti ruled for 13 years and Ramases ruled for 67 years. But it stated in Egyptian history that, Seti co-ruled with Ramases beyond his 13 year reign, until he died giving no detail to how long they co-ruled. 67+13=80

11. Now one may be saying, how can two Israelite Kings be Egyptian... Easy answer, Israelite's 'are not a race' of people, they are a name only. Once you return to the past you will realize that Israel linking to Egypt appears to be more of a  lost detail, than simply being prisoners in Egypt. 

12. Who was the Father to the twelve tribes of Israel? He was Jacob, a man who was renamed 'Israel.' But remember, Jacob's favorite son, Joseph, and the one of the Abrahamic promise, married an Egyptian women and it was his two sons who were to become the blessed seed. How can Egyptian's and Israelite's be blessed together? Hmmm

13. The Bible even states Joseph was second in command to the Pharaoh of Egypt, but it does not reveal that he actually became the next Pharaoh, but Egyptian history does. So was Jacob Israelite? Of course not, he was the grandson to Abraham, who happened to be, Sumerian of Ur of the Chaldeas. Be prepared, for a brand new history is about to unfold.

The Star of David 12/24/18

One thing that has impressed upon my soul is how easily deceived we are when we do not know the meaning of names and structured developments behind the story of those names. One area that may surprise everyone is who was the woman David married that continued to the heralded kingly lineage.

David was married to many wives, yet one wife stands out more than them all because she became the heiress to the kingdom. It was her child Solomon that went on to become a great King. 

David married the wife of Uriah the Hittite, he had seen her bathing and saw her beauty and decided he wanted her for himself. He then as King, sent Uriah to the forefront of battle to have him killed, thus leaving David free to take Uriah's wife.

This was a horrible thing David did, but it is mostly overlooked. The Bible has a tendency to glorify wicked acts under the cover of the end far outweighs the means. However, if we take the magnifying glass and begin to look closer something nefarious  and eye-opening emerges.

What was the name of this Princess that David murdered for his wife. Well we all know she was named, Bathsheba. According to the Hebrew Language the name means, Daughter of an Oath. That is interesting, but what does it mean? Often times certain words came from other simultaneous languages of the time and were mixed or were changed in description so the language didn't appear to be from another people, tribe or culture.

We all know of the infamous description called, the Star of David. Most just throw this off as being some Jewish icon or description. As we break this down, we learn that the name Bathsheba means, Daughter of an Oath. Actually an older Egyptian meaning for Sheba or Seba/Saba is Star. You know, make a wish upon a star or an oath?

Therefore, Bathsheba could be, Daughter of the Star. And who was known as the Star, the one that the oath was made between God and David. He was the man of the Oath, or the star. Therefore, Bathsheba very well can mean, daughter of the Star or daughter of David. 

It appears David may have married his own daughter who had already been married to another man. Now this is not odd since all the way back to the patriarchs, they married their own siblings or children quite often. It was a way to keep it all in the bloodline. The Kings and Queens even till this day follow this ritual. As Elizabeth, Queen of England is also in the Bloodline of David, so as they say. 

Therefore, Bathsheba means, Daughter of David, however, once she married David, she became Queen of David, or Queen of the Star, or Queen of Sheba. Ah, where have we heard this name before? This was the biblical Egyptian woman who of all people Solomon was very close to. Who was she? Why did Solomon place her so high on a pedestal, yet the Bible hardly speaks of her at all as to her real identification.

Could it be, that this was Solomon's mother? Could it be she was also his sister or half sister? Yes indeed. In one area when speaking of the ancient Egyptian texts, Seti I, also married his own daughter and due to how this occurred he was cursed to lose the firstborn of that union, instead Rameses II was born into the Kingly/Pharaoh line.

David marrying his own daughter by using murder and intrigue to gain his new wife was also cursed and they also lost their first born, and the second born was Solomon the next in the Kingly line.


A False Testament of our past 12/22/18

1. Did you know in the Middle Ages much of the ancient discoveries that have been passed down today were fraudulent, like discovered lost writings, artifacts, paintings, coins, and sculptures? They were invented & created as a ruse to give more credibility to certain beliefs., the older the finding the more credibility it garnered.

2. In a world of lies it is nearly impossible to discover the truth when it masquerades under false pretenses. There was no such thing as the dark ages that went missing and like magic was discovered.

3. Our history of the past was hidden, and then covered over by a fabled dark ages to hide what really occurred. The manipulation of our history is what gave us most of our cherished beliefs. And when the world was under an inquisition for hundreds of years then truth became illegal.

4. Ancient historical time-lines that were prior to 1000 AD, were simply recreations of then, contemporary events that were added with new names and places to restructure a fraudulent period of the past. 

5. Nearly every historical culture, Egyptian, Jewish, Persian, Babylonian, were simply recreations of the same events. In the Renaissance, certain men were masters of all the predominant languages, and they infused names, places and times into a false history to hide the truth.

6. The dating of BC and AD were brought in long after the events of said period occurred. BCE was before common era or better stated 'before contemporary events'. And they always call this time period 'before Christ' of the supposed first century. It was all a ruse.

7. Simply stated there is no such thing to the people that lived in let's say 600 BC, to be calling it 600 BC. All the dates, times and seasons were changed so the truth would not be figured out that our history is a complete deception with twisted events which mixed truth with error.

8. Some say, wait the Bible teaches us a 6000 year plan where the first 4000 yrs were Old Testament times & the last 2000 years became, the New Testament times, after Christ, Anno Domini i.e. AD. Again, not true. This was all added by James Ussher in the 17th century based on  ages of biblical characters. 

9. Much of our history was recreated by men like Joseph Scaliger, 16th century, and his ilk who I humbly believe were aliens, not of this world. There were a legion of men between the 14th and the 19th century who worked with secret societies who changed our entire world.

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