Thank you very much John. 

All my life, for over 40 years i have been a seeker, exploring the worlds religions and spiritual disciplines, including occult, astrology, and more. Annunaki, alien and NWO related i have also researched. I even came to a point where there was nothing left to learn, i knew the agenda of control and slavery here. I left no stone unturned.  Yet always i was confused by duality.  Never could i conceive how diabolical and cunning the plan here was, i always underestimated the enemy, because i did not know for certain who that enemy is.

The truth was hidden in plain sight, being raised a Catholic, i rejected Christianity and the confusing Bible and sought truth in Vedic scripture, such as Bhagavad Gita and more, also delving into mystery schools.

Eventually after rejecting everything i found that promised me salvation or enlightenment. I began to believe i could get out alone, telling myself i am eternal and powerful. What else could i do everywhere were lies and no solutions, i was being fooled again, led up the path of another ego trip.  On one level i may be powerful, yet here i need help, i can see that now.

30 years ago a clairvoyant who proved herself  told me i would find what i am looking for when i was grey, and several times i thought i had found it as i never gave up. Last year i  found your work, and i could see how much of my search had paralleled your own, but i was always lost as i did not have the code, and i had rejected The Bible as a source of truth.  Now i see the plan in its entirety and understand why it is revealed at this time and why so few can accept this. 

Its as if i always knew this from childhood. I was as a youth always haunted by revelation and the end times.  I have found one other who is beginning to read your books and see the truth in them. I have also seen how others have rejected them. 

Your work for me filled in the dots that were missing, as well as confirming much of what i already knew. I could tell you were a seeker of truth and have found a perfect diamond.  Thank you again for sharing it with the world. At least i am no stranger to faith, through believing many lies.  Now i beseech my Father and Mother through Christ, let their will be done.  
Much love and gratitude to you John.
Your eternal brother. Dave  The search is long and difficult but when one has found the diamond it is all worth it.

John, I just want to say, 'Thank you!" The books the Divine Father and Mother have inspired you to write have changed my life. Your books encompasses all the subjects I have been studying for the past several years. If it were not for the Divine Father and Mother guiding you and you taking the time to help others, I would have gone down the wrong path...believing I can out smart the matrix and not having a connection with my Parents and Brother! I would have been oh so I probably have in past time lines and time loops.

However, the books the Divine Father and Mother have given you to give to us, your 'family" brother, I appreciate you and your effort so much!!! The Father and Mother, through you, have done more for my understanding than anyone. I am just writing you to say, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! -  Domico   -
I appreciate your words and I am so humbled that my effort has helped you.

Dear John, I am contacting you in hopes of receiving access from the Mother and Father to your special contents. I sure miss the access. My Journey began several years ago with me being guided to certain information which has opened my awareness to the truth of what is happening here and the power structure that has kept humanity enslaved. For the past few years, I have been telling my friends and family that I am not coming back here, to this planet as long as they are in control, as I had grown up with the belief of reincarnation from a young girl.

What I did not understand about reincarnation was that it was an endless trap for our eternal enslavement. Between Christmas and New Years I was doing an Internet search on crypto-currency and I was reading through comments on a sight and I seen that someone placed your website address for the Divine Secret Garden, I opened it, read your entire site and then said to my boyfriend that you had written 8 books that I would like us to read together.

We were not to far into them when we both were hooked. Every day we were so excited to hear more, learn more.(By the way, the audio was a real treat for myself as I do the reading when we do books together). John, I would like to say that I was raised Catholic and many years ago, walked away from it in search of a spiritual path. It made so much sense to me and also Dave when you revealed that God was actually Lucifer. We could immediately understand why the Old Testament is such a bloodbath with a revengeful God and why God needed to shed blood in order to forgive sins. It brought so much understanding to these things along with a multitude of other things. There it was right in front of us, but we never seen it until your works removed that part of this illusion.

John our dearest brother, we are eternally grateful to the Mother and Father for guiding us to your site and are eternally grateful for your relentless hours and dedication to ensure that the truth of our Mother and Father was made available to the true children. Thank you also for the detail in the Time loop Chronicles that entail the description of how this holographic universe was created. I started to believe approx 6 or 7 years ago that we live in a holographic universe but I really could not understand it no matter what I read or watched about it.

Thank you, your writings brought so much clarity and understanding. Your writings pulled all the strings together, filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle, pulled us right through the rabbit hole! We both had such a peace come over us through your writings. We read your books twice and shared them with many people. Not all of them will read them, but those that have are also grateful, that the way home has been shown, for now we know the TRUTH!!!!! I ordered your 8 books from in case the Internet ever goes down, I can still share your writings with like minded people. I  We are sending our love and gratitude. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! OUR LOVING BROTHER! love Misty and Dave
I am very happy your lives have been touched by this world. continue to search and seek and you shall be rewarded.

Hello Brother. I Hope All Is Well. First of all, John, I want to thank you with All my heart for your heartfelt efforts to put these awesome 8 books together. I started reading them about 8 months ago from The Divine Secret Garden website, and went through the first 7 books in 3 weeks... I then read the final Time-loop book as it came out this past January. I was captivated by all the books.

My soul was and is touched deeply. I now have all 8 of the books in print, Thank-you again. We have really similar backgrounds in many ways. At one point of time many years ago I was in study to become an Evangelical pastor. My studies finally led me away from organized false religion. I've always been a searcher of Truth and Always have asked God to fill my heart with Truth and Love, I now know God as our Mom and Dad.

I knew this even before I found your books. My Goodness, I could go on forever in this message to you, my Dear Brother. One incredible thing that I want to share with you. I had a vision years ago that was truly Beautiful. In the vision, we were gathered in a Coliseum, it was a Reunion of the Ages, I could feel the Perfect Love in my heart.  We were all Cheering, Hugging, and Loving One Another, I knew everyone there. I saw Mom, Dad and Jesus in the stands and they pierced my heart with their smiles and love, I could feel their Perfect Love within me.

When I read about your vision of returning Home in the Time-loop Books, my heart was touched Deeply. I believe with all my heart that we have shared the same vision. I'm sure many of our True Seed Brothers and Sisters who have finally Awakened, they have had this same Divine Synchronicities as they have gone through the books. I would be honored, and Eternally Thankful if I may have access to the Special Content on the website... Peace and Love to you, my Brother.  We will meet again soon we're Truly Going Home!  Kevin
I have received so many heartfelt thanks, and it always reminds me why I did this in the first place. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

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