A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

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  • Dark Night of the Soul11:08

What I am about to tell you is very true.  Today, in all forms of life, entertainment, government, politics, science you name it, to get where you may want to be, means you must subscribe to the club. Every country, every part of this world, these things are happening on a large scale. Awaken my children and do not become part of their evil sorceries. 


This special content is reserved for those who have read the books, otherwise, much will be lost in the translation.

Yes I am also the author of the Gnostic Papers. However it is out of print and I have no plans to releasing it again. These eight books are far more in depth and offer far greater value.

My friends we are living in very troubled times, I implore you to diligently seek the Father and Mother, because there is no where else to turn. Our access to them has been greatly subdued due to our acceptance of false values and inordinate ethics, we need to seek help and change.  Those who believe they can change everything by themselves are being deceived and their fruits will be proven. Remember, our bodies are programmed to interfere with our spiritual reality, You must forsake this illusion and return to reality. It is so easy to allow ourselves to be integrated into a false mindset, due to universal acceptance, and therefore we will block the true avenue via ignorance.

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Apollyon the great destroyer of dimensions, learn the secrets.

Why it is so important that you not rely on anyone else when you already have access to all understanding and knowledge, JUST USE IT.



Real truth is accepted by the soul instantly,  you will feel this spark of unknown energy deep down, 'this is it, this is what I have been seeking for.' However, when it hits the 'human' mind it is then where the beginning of offences come. As the parable of the sower and the seed warns... How many times in your life do you truly believe you have been revealed something amazing, but something happens, a person's word, a thought, a verbal attack, whatever it was, it made you doubt what you discovered, and before long you lost interest and were sucked back into the frame of mind that was always seeking and never truly finding. Fair warning my friends, the reason the path to Eternal life is narrow and only the very few find it, in each harvest, is because we are in a war, and the opposition has limitless hoards of thieves, mental, emotional and spiritual, ready to steal your new found wealth. Today I give warning, truth cannot be kept in a jar in the living room, it must be placed in a safe that no one can access but you. There can be no compromise, your life banks on it.

Are Crypto-Currencies, the Mark of the Beast? It is time to break down this Revelation prophecy to reveal the lost secret.

I want to introduce a special audio created and produced from a person named Lisa Phillips. She did a wonderful job reproducing an article I wrote over 20-years ago that I had all but forgotten, and although I have come to learn much more since I wrote this article it is still till this day valid in so many ways. This is before I understood the Time-Loop as being part of the Great Equalizer, however, this professionally produced audio-video sent chills down my spine, as it really took me back. Thank-you so much Lisa - Cry Freedom Radio.


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I keep thinking how important these books I have freely given are so important to have the code activated by the key within. It is time to see just how this polarity world really operates from a scientific level concerning CERN & humanity. And why the Father/Mother and the fruits of the spirit are so important. I hope you all realize just how important these books really are.


 Until we meet again at the real family barbeque. May the Father and Mother direct and lead you according to their will and your ability.

Author's Personal Message

The final Key was designed to help  one another realize how important it is to understand and comprehend who we really are, and at the same time, realize in this world we are nothing. We must turn to the Father and Mother through Christ for everything, or else we shall remain divided and separated until we finally realize who we truly are from a spiritual level.

  • The mystery of Trump31:09

USA planning on withdrawing from another segment of the U.N. It is getting closer, I have been teaching this for over 30-years that this would happen, we would send the U.N. Packing while destroying the N.W.O. 

​Stephen Hawking's final words decreed we may be living in a holographic universe...  The matrix...

Every individual is different. What might be an issue for one maybe be a strength in another. Whatever it may be, whatever our personal problems are, everything has its own energy. It is just like frequency. If you are at a certain frequency, then that which is alike can jump onto your band wave.


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The dark night of the soul occurs within everyone at some point in time, even often-times depending on the soul's growth. Learn why sometimes you feel so empty. Your soul is being trained to rely on the power within, and until that occurs, you will feel abandoned, the true children are never abandoned, however, if you are not one of the true souls, then you will not care anyway. Those who truly care are part of the children.



Sometimes you must ask yourself, what do they really know when it comes to the script of this world? I found this very fascinating video of Ronald Reagan, and at the end he makes some startling statements quoting at times Winston Churchill; "That there is something going on in Time and Space, and whether we like it or not, spells doom."  He also reveals a certain mindset is revealed that continues to lead our world in the wrong direction, a direction of destruction, as if this has happened many times before. Reagan says some things that at first may go over one's head, however, he states, "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny." Yet I wonder how aware was he? What did he know? Is he making reference to the Time-Loop? He says, "We'll either preserve for our children the last best hope for man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a 1000-years off darkness." All through this video he seems to be indicating our world has a destiny, and unless we change it, it is not going to end well.

Do not listen so much to what is being said, learn to understand what is being revealed behind the scenes.


In our world it is always dark, and we always need the lamps lit. Which means we always need to refill the oil more often. I have stated that the constant reading of my books helps in this area, because I am teaching to rely on the Father and Mother and that is where we get our oil. IF you or me fail to do this, our lamps go out. And then we become blind. Think about that, we once could see and now we cant see.

Today, I am going to reveal a secret many of you may be shocked to hear. I in no way am a follower to any political party. I do however tend more towards conservatism than liberalism. Each side has some truths, and each side has many errors. This is to keep the sheep confused never allowing the the secrets of control out in the open, so others can become the wiser.