A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

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I have had many request that the books be translated into other languages, and of course I understand, but was unable to accomplish said task. I am attempting to translate the books into various languages using a program. When they are ready the link will operate. These are obviously not great translations, each language has varied differences with words, but this translation is fairly good. I hope this helps in some way for our International Brothers and Sisters. I wish it could be much better but we must deal with what we have.

A reader JoAnne B. was inspired to create this image; of the Tree of Life versus the Tree of good and evil. One is the olive branch, fruits of the spirit, the other the thorn, the fruits of the flesh. Thank you JoAnne.

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Due to publishing changes; my paperback books from Amazon are no longer available, However, All '8' books in PDF are still free here as always.

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All 'free copies' of books are PDF digital copies 'ONLY' that can be read from your computer, or if downloaded can be read on E-readers and I-phones. Are you having trouble opening the PDF documents, then go to this link and CLICK HERE, and follow some steps to help you in this problem.

Dear Mr. John Just want to said "Thank you " from my heart. I am a Chinese living in Japan. I have read four books of your series, learned a lot  helped me a lot, yes it is a long road to reach here now, and still have long journey to go through, because I want to go home back to our Father and Mother. Again Thank you for your hard working and sharing with us . Yujian  Tokyo 

"These books are the gift that keeps on giving." Jewels from Arizona.

The Time-Loop Chronicles Series

"Dear John, I have just finished reading your book series. Thank you for putting this masterpiece together helping others to return back HOME. It is difficult to express in words exactly what I feel. With all my gratitude "   Petr from Prague :-) 

Some readers have stated that there is an eye strain trying to read the PDF book formats. If you desire you can download Adobe Acrobat for free here. You can then EDIT document and use preferences + accessibility and change background color, fonts etc... to make it easier for you to read the document.


Some have asked me, "Are you 'Jon Peniel' the author of the law of one books series?" Absolutely not, there is no link or comparison I have never even read this other authors series of books. I have gone by two pseudonyms over the the past 20-years+ as 'John the Gnostic' and or 'John Peniel.' The name John Peniel was given to me years ago by people that contacted me, telling me they believed I was the person Edgar Cayce had spoken of. The name just caught on, but I hardly ever use it, it only identified me to a spectrum of people I used to write to. As you can plainly see my real name, John Panella is very close to the name Cayce revealed. And no I do not know if I am connected to this Cayce prophecy., although I find it interesting that Cayce did say this Peniel would reveal the Father around the turn of the century, and that is what I have been doing for a very long time.

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For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this 'dark world' -and- against the spiritual forces of evil in the 'heavenly realms'.

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As we close in on the end of this age remember, the path to freedom and eternal reality will become more difficult. Greater challenges will occur. Many will walk away from the path for a myriad of reasons. Temptations will abound. Apathy will set in. Doubt and fear will rise. I am reminded as this storm hits Florida, that one needs to buckle down, find something sturdy, and hold on with your dear life and do not let go. Satan was never going to make it easy, don't give in to him even for one more day, hold tight and be secure. And even though things will appear to change for the better, never forget that a hurricane has an eye, an all-seeing eye. And in that eye it will seem as the storm has vanished, but the greatest destruction awaits. He that hath an eye let them see...

Forbidden Legacy of the Gods


The Divine Secret Garden Series