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Forbidden Legacy of the Gods

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The Divine Secret Garden Series - Tetralogy

1. Forbidden Knowledge - Children of the Harvest. 

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2. Alien Seed - The Virtual World of Gods & Humans

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3. The Mystery of the Pyramid - with the All-seeing Eye

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4.  Keys to the Master Code - And the Spirit World

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Added Bonus

5.  The Forbidden Legacy of the Gods - The Most Critical Biblical Expose ever

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Science Fiction - Time Travel adventure Trilogy

6.  The Time-Loop Chronicles - The Day the Earth Fell Backwards

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7.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 2 - The Lost Journal

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8.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 - The Lost Medieval Prophecy & the Serpentine's Mirror

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The Divine Secret

Garden Series

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Book Three Digital Audio

  • The Final-Key17:04

I want to introduce a special audio created and produced from a person named Lisa Phillips. She did a wonderful job reproducing an article I wrote over 20-years ago that I had all but forgotten, and although I have come to learn much more since I wrote this article it is still till this day valid in so many ways. This is before I understood the Time-Loop as being part of the Great Equalizer, however, this professionally produced audio-video sent chills down my spine, as it really took me back. Thank-you so much Lisa - Cry Freedom Radio.

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The final Key was designed to help  one another realize how important it is to understand and comprehend who we really are, and at the same time, realize in this world we are nothing. We must turn to the Father and Mother through Christ for everything, or else we shall remain divided and separated until we finally realize who we truly are from a spiritual level.

  • I don't understand2:18

The Forbidden Legacy of the Gods on audio computer voice.

Book Four Digital Audio

The Time-Loop Chronicles Series

         A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

Reader sends link to article revealing woman having two visions that are eerily similar to the Time Loop Books prophecy about the Great and Dreadful day of the Lord.  

Why it is so important that you not rely on anyone else when you already have access to all understanding and knowledge, JUST USE IT.

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  • Apollyon2:11

Do not listen so much to what is being said, learn to understand what is being revealed behind the scenes.

Book Two Digital Audio

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