I just wanted to say, the thrill of being able to help so many has been reward in itself. This has never been a work about monetary gain, nor for some personal prestige or glory. It has always been about helping those who knew in their heart of hearts that something was very wrong, and yet few if any were given any true answers. I gave all of you what I have been personally revealed to unveil, yes it took a very long time and it was a painful journey. It has been my pleasure to assist and even help others in their search for true freedom from within. This website, hopefully, will remain up for as long as time allows. It is my goal to keep it up until July of 2020, after that it is anyone's guess. I will be moving on now, I will not be writing anymore, everything one needs to use to build on, is in these '8' books. There is nothing more I can add or even do to help, it is now up to you and your relationship with the Father and Mother. To all, I say, until we meet again, Good-bye.

All eight books can be found at Amazon at dealers cost.

The Divine Secret Garden

1. Forbidden Knowledge - Children of the Harvest. 

​          5X8 Version       8.5X11 Version 

2. Alien Seed - The Virtual World of Gods & Humans

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

3. The Mystery of the Pyramid - with the All-seeing Eye

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

4.  Keys to the Master Code - And the Spirit World

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

Added Bonus

5.  The Forbidden Legacy of the Gods - The Most Critical Biblical Expose ever

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

Science Fiction - Time Travel adventure Trilogy

6.  The Time-Loop Chronicles - The Day the Earth Fell Backwards

​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

7.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 2 - The Lost Journal

​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

8.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 - The Lost Medeival Prophecy & the Serpentine's Mirror

​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

The Divine Secret

Garden Series

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         A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

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Forbidden Legacy of the Gods

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The Time-Loop Chronicles Series

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