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For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this 'dark world' -and- against the spiritual forces of evil in the 'heavenly realms'.

Editorial correction. When I first wrote these books I had believed that Trump was connected to Thomas Jefferson, but as more has come out I see him not only as a George Washington type but a reincarnated Washington. I corrected it in the book but not on the audio.

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The Divine Secret Garden Series - Tetralogy

1. Forbidden Knowledge - Children of the Harvest. 

​          5X8 Version       8.5X11 Version 

2. Alien Seed - The Virtual World of Gods & Humans

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

3. The Mystery of the Pyramid - with the All-seeing Eye

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

4.  Keys to the Master Code - And the Spirit World

          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

I have had many request that the books be translated into other languages, and of course I understand, but was unable to accomplish said task. I am attempting to translate the books into various languages using a program. When they are ready the link will operate. These are obviously not great translations, each language has varied differences with words, but this translation is fairly good. I hope this helps in some way for our International Brothers and Sisters. I wish it could be much better but we must deal with what we have.

The Divine Secret Garden Series

"I just want to thank the author from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write these books under powerful inspiration. Every time I read them, it is like the Father and Mother are speaking to me personally. What an amazing gift."    Mike - Ohio

Added Bonus
5.  The Forbidden Legacy of the Gods - The Most Critical Biblical Expose ever
          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

Science Fiction - Time Travel adventure Trilogy
6.  The Time-Loop Chronicles - The Day the Earth Fell Backwards
​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

7.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 2 - The Lost Journal
​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

8.  The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 - The Lost Medieval Prophecy & the Serpentine's Mirror
​          5X8 Version     8.5X11 Version

English Text Version Only for the Time Loop Chronicles series


      Text versions


The Time-Loop Chronicles Series

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Forbidden Legacy of the Gods

Audio Versions

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         A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

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