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I did not want to post this yet until one has read the entire Divine Secret Garden series, otherwise the 'Final Key' will not make sense. For those of you that have read the entire series, You can now listen to this audio of the Final Key. If you have not read all the books, you will only do yourself a disservice and may otherwise harm your understanding. I truly believe without this final key, no matter what you understand you will remain here in this realm until you grasp the power of the Final Key.

Important Message: I have been asked about having the books translated into different languages, it is sad, the very thing that the god of this world did as to confuse languages, is proof we still live in Babel today.  Sadly, I do not have the ability or wherewithal to translate them properly, I wish I could. Online translations are not a good substitute. I realize the message is important for all the true seeds in all their various cultures, I am sure the Father and Mother have ways of getting this or a similar message out even through others into various languages. I am certainly not the only one.

NOTE: One area I didn't address in detail was, the God of this world didn't scramble languages per se, as if one day you spoke one language and then the next you spoke another, and then somehow you forgot the language you spoke. What he did was, he brought in a variety of different religious beliefs, and then scattered the people and through them language morphed via religious protocols, just like Latin was created for the Roman Catholic Church. It is like a secret club, you have a private language that only your secret cabal can understand.

Keys to the Master-Code
Alien Seed

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Forbidden Legacy of the Gods
Mystery of the Pyramid

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So true, it is the key, and it is that simple; we just complicate things and stop listening as we age and gain this world's knowledge, which seems to replace and drown out our internal knowledge and then traps us all. I can think of myself as a child telling my mother of spiritual and past life memory experiences only to be told I was imagining or dreaming these things. I can think of many similar experiences in Catholic grade school where it should really have been the opposite if religion worked the way it should, but why would they be any different than anything else that this counterfeit world has to offer? As a child we were taught to trust and rely on adults when the opposite is evidently true.

Peter F. 63 Oregon USA


The Final Key

Time-Loop Chronicles 2

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Book One digital Audio

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         A Very Old Foundation Rises From Within

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The Forbidden Knowledge

Newest article 9-17-17 under 'Insights' - "The After-Life why it should scare the hell out of you."

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Are you ready, my new exciting book is in concept form and being produced, called, The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 -The Lost Medieval Prophecy & the Serpents Mirror. It will be the third book in this series and the 8th one over all. The title of the eight books will change to, "The Eight Wonders of the World." This book will be about the Mandela Effect  and what it truly is via an amazing science fiction time travel adventure. You will learn of the mistake that was made creating a dual frequency overlap, that has created this mess we call time interactive displacement. The Dark Lords are using this mistake to their advantage, but as always it will fail during the time-loop. And as always my friends, it will be free to my readers at this site...Thank-you

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Time-Loop Chronicles 1

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I just got  done listening to what you put on your site and wow John it was so moving for me and  brought  tears  to my soul and  its one of the  best things I have read. The  final key is  one big final  key for  sure. I am moved through and through  in my spirit in listening  to this... great  job, just  great  job.

Michael C. 69 Ohio, USA

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The True Awakened Children

Book Two digital Audio