Forbidden Legacy of the Gods

Are you ready, my new exciting book is in concept form and being produced, called, The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 -The Lost Medieval Prophecy & the Serpents Mirror. It will be the third book in this series and the 8th one over all. The title of the eight books will change to, "The Eight Wonders of the World." This book will be about the Mandela Effect  and what it truly is via an amazing science fiction time travel adventure. You will learn of the mistake that was made creating a dual frequency overlap, that has created this mess we call time interactive displacement. The Dark Lords are using this mistake to their advantage, but as always it will fail during the time-loop. And as always my friends, it will be free to my readers at this site...Thank-you

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​​Update: To them that hath an ear let them hear, and to them that hath and eye let them see. For what I am about to reveal will uncover some deep hidden secrets in this world. There was a story in the Bible where Christ began speaking to demons, they demanded of him to have a body to possess. He then said go and take the body of Swine, so these demons entered the body of pigs and what did they do with their new found wealth. They immediately ran to the cliff and jumped over crushing themselves to death. Did you realize this was another code? What this symbolized is, when we get near the end of time, demons will take over many bodies, of Swine, what this represents is back in those days, there was a difference between the good and evil tree, they were named Gentile or Israelite. The code was not about the flesh and blood, but about the spirit nature. It was about the true seeds versus the evil seeds, or the children of the Father and Mother versus those children of Satan. The code 'PIGS' is in reference to the children of Satan, and what it was revealing is, many of them will be taken over by their benefactors, demonic possession. The code also revealed once this happens, many will be led into suicide dealing with all things, they will continue to do things that are destroying themselves, and others, their morality, their human being, they won't be able to help it, they will simply walk off cliffs and die. Begin to understand the code, it is in reference to many people entering the dark where their lives are led into ruin and death, but they will do it gleefully, because they are the dead, blindly following death. Do you understand?

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UPDATES & news-Nov. 14, 2017

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Message:  A reader pointed out that a YO YO company has revealed the new name of their YO YO and it is called, Loop-1080. The reader pointed out how yo yo's move in a loop moving from one end unto the other, in a 360 degree motion, and they were moved by the fact that I teach about the 1080-year time-loop in my books, "The Time-Loop Chronicles." I found this interesting whether this has anything to do with it, there is a strange similarity making one wonder WHY? CLICK HERE It is amazing how so often things I write about are confirmed in strange ways.

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